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    Chuck E. Myers – Producer / Composer
    Chuck E. Myers has developed Big Idea Music Productions over the past eighteen years. Myers has led Big Idea with a deep understanding of the technological side of music production combined with his love for composition. His command of music, art, and science, his talents as a pianist and drummer and his vivid imagination have allowed him to become a true innovator. He also plays a wide variety of other obscure instruments including Shakuhachi, Ban Di, Quena, Harmonica, and many other percussion instruments.

    He studied Electrical Engineering and Music at the University of Utah from 1982-1988. Chuck has worked on many feature films including Darkman III, Army of Darkness-Evil Dead Part III, and Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. He has performed around the country with many groups and with several symphonies, including the National Symphony in Washington D.C., the San Francisco Symphony, and the Utah Symphony. He was the keyboard player for the Dixie Chicks at the 2002 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Myers has composed main theme music for many news stations across the country, including KSL, KTVX, and KUTV in Salt Lake City, KDFW and KXAS in Dallas, and WCBS in New York City. Myers was also one the principle composers for ABC’s Network Theme, The National Geographic Explorer Theme, NBC Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

    Myers is currently the principle composer and producer for a long list of many of today’s most popular video games for the Sony Playstation I and II, and the Microsoft X-Box. He produced a remix of “pug” for the smashing pumpkins. He also worked with the Freedom Zone for Mountain Dew’s AMP Energy Drink National Radio Campaign and Music Circuit. Myers is developing non-linear music composition techniques to support interactive multimedia applications which are leading the way in contemporary film style orchestral scoring for video games.

    Tino Saiki – Producer / Composer
    Tino Saiki is currently a multi instrumentalist and is in charge of operations at Big Idea Studios. His talents range from playing drums, percussion, keyboards, guitar, bass, and singing. Being half Brazilian and Japanese, he has an intimate understanding of rhythm and music. He has composed music for many sony playstation titles including Streak and Critical Depths and Microsoft pc platform games like the highly acclaimed interactive soundtrack for Outwars and the swimwear illustrated bikini babe cd rom. Tino just finished composing music for Novell’s CNE national radio campaign Tino is an expert in computer based audio production and engineers and produces many different types of audio projects. Tino is also a professional dancer and choreographer and works with many big performers on their stage presentation.

    Brady Ellis – Composer
    Brady Ellis formerly has played keyboards in pop/rock, country, fusion and jazz groups. Including touring with the Osmond Boys. He has composed for CBS, ESPN, FOX, American Airlines, GT Interactive, Novell and NuSkin. He was the composer for the ESPN “Up-Close Classics” theme and t.v. show package. He has composed film trailers for “Black Knight” and “Sins of the Fathers”. Currently he is working on a film project.. He is also working on his Masters of Music in composition at BYU.

    Guy Irvin
    Mr. Irvin is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Film and Television. After retiring from the United States Army Special Forces in 1998 with 22 years of service, he acted as a security/counter terrorist consultant for many Fortune 500 companies. A veteran of three armed conflicts and many years apart from his family led Mr. Irvin to search for a more peaceful and harmonious endeavor. Mr. Irvin began training in the martial arts in
    1973 and has been teaching the martial arts from 1976 to the present. He lives the Tao (Way) of the warrior in spirit and practice.

    As a proponent of healthy living, Mr. Irvin in 2001 developed the marketing strategies for World Health Products, an alternative health company that has become very successful. In August 2002, his passion for art, film and music sparked his desire to join the Big Idea Music Team where he initiates and nurtures relationships with filmmakers who are searching for innovative custom music to create emotional content for their films. Mr. Irvin is a very organized, professional and tenacious man who will do whatever it takes to meet the client’s musical needs within their budgetary constraints.

    Lisle Moore – Composer
    Lisle Moore was born and raised in Fulton, Missouri. He was raised into a very musical family where his uncle was the conductor of the Luxembourg symphony and his father was a conductor as well. Lisle attended the highly respected Interlochen Arts Academy for his high school studies where he studied Jazz piano, trumpet performance and composition. During his senior year at Interlochen, Lisle won the coveted Downbeat music award where he took first place in the nation that landed him a scholarship at Berklee college of music. During lisle's studies of film scoring and orchestration, Lisle scored his first feature film that went to the Cannes film festival and won the Saguaro best picture award. Lisle currently resides in Utah working at Big Idea. He has written music for various Imax films and features. Orchestrated for top film composers in the industry and has done the sound for 3 feature films including 5.1 surround mixes. Lisle has a vast knowledge of many aspects of the film making process that gives him an advantage in writing music for film.

    Walt Gaisford - Composer
    American composer Walter B. Gaisford, regarded as one of Big Idea's most gifted and versatile musicians, is known for his consummate musicianship and dynamic personality, which he expresses through his communicative composing.

    Fluent in three languages and having a classical background with Latin and Rock influences, Walt is an essential part of Big Idea's production team. He plays an impressive array of instruments, including violin, piano, drums and guitar. His love for music and dedication to producing quality, meticulous music is apparent in his work.

    Coming from a musical family, Walt began his career at the age of 4 studying violin under the renowned L.A. Philharmonic concertmaster Heimann Weinstein. His school years found him pursuing the louder sounds of American Pop-Rock. Later, he developed a great love for the Latin/Jazz influences when he lived
    and taught for two years in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Walt's greatest inspiration comes from the beauty of God's handiwork and his love for his three beautiful children. He feels very fortunate and blessed to be working with Chuck Myers and the great talents surrounding him at Big Idea.

    Anthony Zito - Composer
    Tony is an accomplished composer and guitarist. Tony began writing original music and performing in the sixth grade and had already spent time touring before he finished high school. He has worked in, toured and performed original music in multiple bands throughout his career. His performances and music endeavors have taken him throughout the world. Tony has toured and performed original music in multiple bands and has written original songs that have received significant air play in local markets including major markets such as Houston, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. As a result, Tony has received record contract offers with independent recording labels. Tony’s passion for music has driven his multiple music oriented businesses including composing and artist development.

    Tommy Hopkins – Producer / Composer
    Tommy Hopkins is one of the top session guitarists in Western United States and has played on numerous spots around the country. He has worked with many different artists in a multitude of styles. He is also an established composer, arranger, and producer. He has composed for ESPN, ABC, Fox Sports Net, The Disney Channel, News themes from FOX in Seattle to NBC in New York, national television commercials (Acura, Buick, and Cadillac), film trailers (“Mask of Zorro” and Excess Baggage), WGN network theme in Chicago, and many others. He has also co-written many other themes such as ABC Network theme, National Geographic and the Oprah Winfrey theme. He is currently composing and playing on Animorphs, a video game based on the television show.

    Michael Greene – Engineer
    Michael is a good guy. He has no bio to speak of at the moment - so e-mail him here, and tell him you would love to read it!

    Bjorn Thorsrud – Producer / Engineer
    Bjorn Thorsrud received Bachelors in Physics and in Music at the University of Reno performing and writing music for bands and experimenting with the sound recording. At twenty-two years of age he started his career in the recording studio; for the next ten years worked as an Engineer and Programmer working with various pop and rock artists and film scores.

    Bjorn worked for Taj-Motown Record Company, and later started his own label called Tri Records. He has worked on various albums including; The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Machina/the machines of god” and “Adore”; Billy Corgan’s film score “Stigmata”; Shania Twain’s “Come On Over”; also including artists Collective Soul, Monster Magnet, Soul Asylum, The Wallflowers and Whitesnake.

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